1:1 Coaching…All things Love

1:1 Coaching…All things Love

If you are struggling in your love life, you don’t have to do it alone. I will coach you on all things love… and not only will you heal and grow, but you will also access new levels of abundance and confidence in all areas of my life – not just love. 

  • Healing from a breakup, heartache or divorce
  • Carrying emotional baggage from past relationships
  • Wondering if you are too damaged to find love again
  • Living in a world of “What if I am alone forever”
  • Frustrated with online dating and feeling hopeless
  • Need to gain more confidence
  • Want to understand the common red flags in dating
  • Trapped in a toxic relationship
  • Deciding to stay or leave the relationship
  • Dealing with co-dependent or negative communication patterns
  • Feel ignored and invisible
  • Are you selfsabotaging your love life
  • Obsessing about love that got away

You Are Worthy of LoveRelationship-Coach

My love and relationship coaching is a blend of science, practical tools and intuitive wisdom. Creating a map of you and understanding where you might be sabotaging your happiness is the first step towards change. I guide you to make long-awaited changes in your love life and relationships and become your most radiant self.

Clear Path to Love

Each of my clients may be at a different stage. Working together, we focus on you, and where you are at. Love and relationships can be hard. Whether it’s recovering from a breakup or heartache, trying to figure out how to date with success, navigating a toxic relationship or feeling confused about whether you should stay or leave.

My holistic approach starts with uncovering unhealthy beliefs, attitudes, and patterns.

It will help you master manifestation and gain clarity on who you are, your true essence, and will also help you to heal your heart, shift old patterns, and ignite your feminine magnetism. Together, we will uncover the hidden blocks that will help put you on the path to your true desire.

I am the founder of the program Clear Path to Love™. I’ve developed a simple, 3-step process. I call it my “3Cs Method.” It’s a powerful process that goes like this… Clear your blocks, Clarify who you are and Call in love.

This is a very powerful system… When you become crystal clear about who you are and what you want, you have the confidence and courage to become your truest self and experience happiness in love and in life.

Let's work together


Coaching Sessions

Individualized coaching sessions where you can get personalized insights, heal, learn and grow.



Access the materials online at any time. Materials contain exciting workbooks, video tutorials and recorded meditations.

  • 60 Minutes Coaching Session Via Phone or Zoom
  • Results-driven Coaching based on a new map of you.
  • Attachment Style Discovery
  • Enneagram Type Discovery and Review
  • Self-Sabotage Decoding
  • Core Value Discovery
  • Love Language www.jadeneuwirth.com/contact
  • Accountability and Guidance

Each session is individualized according to where you are at and what you need. The material in the Clear Path to Love is used as an added bonus for us to refer to and you to have to read and review in between sessions.

When you focus your energy on positive change your radiant future awaits!  Focus begins on healing and growth in your love life and expands to create and manifest the love and life you crave and desire.

“Jade is a masterful coach! She deeply understands creative thinking and fosters a dynamic space for exploration. Most importantly, she is very intuitive and insightful. Our conversations are so helpful!” —Rainey

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Here are a few of the aspects of coaching my clients find most informative and life-changing…

Understand Your Core Self-Defeating Beliefs, aka…self-sabotage

Self-sabotaging inner critics cause self-doubt and create lots of noise in your mind and these voices are at the core of most relationship and love struggles. Often times in relationships, your top saboteur is interacting with your partners top saboteur and things can get messy.

The first step to success in your love life is understanding the inner negative self-talk and how it’s getting in your way.

There are core limiting “I am…” statements, that almost all self-defeating beliefs originate from and they are:

  • I am not safe.
  • I am worthless.
  • I am powerless.
  • I am not loveable.
  • I cannot trust others.
  • I am bad.
  • I am alone.

Together we will uncover and heal these! That’s where my coaching comes in. I have a special quiz to help discover your top saboteurs. It’s based on the Positive Intelligence movement and is used for both personal and professional environments to help us understand the working of our conscious and subconscious mind and shift our mindset. It helps people.

Knowing Your Attachment Style… A total game changer!

Wondering if you did something wrong, or second-guessing yourself all the time? Most likely, you’ve met someone with an attachment system that clashes or triggers yours.

Together we will discover your Attachment style.

This information is really pivotal. Once you understand this, all your relationships become clearer.

The four adult attachment styles are: Secure, Avoidant, Anxious and Disorganized. Uncovering your style and the style of the people you are in a relationship to can be mind-blowing!

The idea is that your attachment style is based on how your social and emotional needs were met and how you developed attachments to your primary caregivers. Understanding your style, will give you that aha! that you are looking for to stop the struggle in finding or keeping your relationships.

Discovering your Enneagram…

Client feedback is always “wow, how come I never knew this before”.

The Enneagram is a useful guide on your journey towards self-development, relationship building, conflict resolution and just helping you realize, own and accept your strengths and weaknesses as well as offers a pathway for growth and change.

It’s a method of understanding your personality as well as thinking, feeling and actions and blindspots. It is not a way to box yourself in or categorize yourself.

The Enneagram of Personality Types is a modern synthesis of a number of ancient wisdom traditions. The word Enneagram comes from the Greek words ennea (nine) and gram (what is written or drawn). It refers to the nine different Enneagram styles, identified through numbers 1-9. Each number represents a worldview and archetype that resonates with your core motivations. The philosophy behind the Enneagram contains components from mystical Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Buddhism, and ancient Greek philosophy (particularly Socrates, Plato, and the Neo-Platonists), so it’s been around for a long time.

In our coaching sessions, I include understanding your shadow side, inner child visualizations and many more deep experiences to heal, learn and grow.

Open up to love and activate your radiance.

Self Sabotage

The time to start is now

Are you feeling stuck in your love life? Is it slowly consuming your inner light and your sense of self?

If you are ready to say goodbye to the insecurity, frustration, and hopelessness … AND begin to let your natural magnetism and self-confidence shine through, not only in your love life but in all of the areas of your life, then this program is for you!

Many people live their lives feeling invisible, unheard and unseen. Our voice is our essence and it takes courage to allow ourselves to be seen. Part of having healthy relationships is having the confidence to show up as your true self and understanding where you might be sabotaging your happiness.

I am here to guide you on that journey towards the life you want to build and the love you want to experience. A desire for lasting love—true love—is so natural. So why is it so hard to let go of the baggage of past experiences, or date with confidence knowing you can tell the green flags from the red flags? How wonderful would it be to be with a partner with whom you will feel heard, seen, respected, and truly loved?

My mission is to help you untangle your inner saboteurs from your inner wisdom. With that confidence and self-knowledge, you get clear on your core values and beliefs. When you know your non-negotiable values, you are able to set boundaries and decisions from a place of alignment with your intuition.

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Love Language Quiz

Did you know there is actually “one thing” most people do in all dating and relationship scenarios that inevitably causes their relationships to fail?

It’s very likely that they don’t know what their love language is, and that of their partner. But knowing your love is not only about your significant other, it’s all the relationships in your life, including family and friends.

As a relationship coach, I guide you to learn from past patterns getting in your way to create new ones.