Ready To Manifest A Reality Wilder Than Your Imagination?


“Manifest Abundance” is a 12 session, one-on one coaching program plus a weekly group coaching call, designed to manifesting your dream life! I have created a simple yet effective set of steps, based on the understanding of ancient teachings and the process of manifestation using your divine feminine radiant energy. You will learn principles of energy, universal laws, ancient spirituality, subconscious & inner child work and self-sabotage resetting.  You will eliminate all the blocks that are keeping you stuck and frustrated with the LOA in the way you may be currently using it.

If you’re ready to tap into your divine feminine energy and the full power of the Universe this program is for YOU!

Program Overview

How to Manifest


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Ready to become an incredibly successful manifestor?

  • Feeling stuck because you’ve already tried to manifest and it didn’t work?
  • Feeling burnt out from chasing your dreams without results?
  • Want to manifest a new career, more money, love, a home or a specific something?
  • Tired of wondering if “you’re are manifesting the right way?”
  • Looking for clarity in your life purpose and direction?
  • Curious about how connecting with your radiant feminine energy can help you manifest
  • Need someone to make things clear and show you a simple yet profound way to manifest?

Manifestation techniques, spiritual principles, and success strategies.

I am here to guide you on that journey towards the life you want to create.

I gave gathered the most effective techniques you need to know to implement ASAP. It’s simple, deep and effective and filled with transformational material.

Each module of the program has a downloadable PDF filled with and as soon as you sign up for the program, you will receive access to the online portal and also have a schedule link to begin scheduling your individual calls.

When you set a crystal-clear vision; envisioning what your greatest life might look like and moving towards it, you turbocharge your success.


If you are looking for that missing key that you haven’t found just yet…you will find them in this program.

The commonly known system of manifestation is from the logical mind and masculine energy,  the “go” mode, a process that comes from a space of the force through action rather than one that is rather than an intuitive, allowing space, and feminine energy, the “flow“ and embodied mode. 

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A little bit about me…

I’m Jade Neuwirth, Founder of “Manifest Abundance” Program

I am a Certified Life Coach, PCC, Master Neurolinguistic Programming Specialist, MNLP and Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, RYS200

I empower you to use your manifest your dreams, silence their inner critics, tap into your intuition, find your voice and connect with the divine feminine.

I’m also a mom, entrepreneur, friend, sister, artist, mentor, and inspired by all things related to finding true happiness and seeing the possibilities!

For over 25 years, I have been using the laws of manifestation and called in many of my dreams including several successful businesses, building a home from scratch, successful art practice and much more.

I worked one-on-one with a zen monk and have learned so much through my life experiences that I would feel honored to share with you!


In this program, I make manifestation easy to understand… and more importantly, easy to implement.

Most people only know of one law – the Law of Attraction. Did you know that there are 12 laws that are guiding the manifesting process? Practicing only one of the 12 laws is why most people get stuck and aren’t able to call in what you desire.  I will explain each of the laws in detail AND share with you exactly how to apply all 12 so that you can see the success you deserve.

There are much deeper elements that just aren’t commonly talked about or taught… including how tapping into your divine feminine energy will offer you a whole new perspective on manifestation.

My approach to manifestation also includes redirecting your subconscious mind (the part of your mind that lies underneath the surface and is responsible for creating 95% of your reality); releasing the things that are getting in the way of you receiving the things you want; and tapping you into the limitless potential of your authentic self.



I originally learned the old belief about manifestation as a logical, conscious mind process that could just be forced through action rather than one that is rather than an intuitive process connected to your level of embodiment and in-tune with your divine feminine radiant energy.

I’ve been lucky enough to discover the success principles of manifestation and experience my visions come into reality.  I’ve spent the last 25 years of my life studying all the mechanics of creation.

Manifesting is MORE than “just think it and it will happen.”

In my program “Manifest Abundance”, I’m going to share with you everything I’ve learned from studying Neurolinguistic Programming, the Enneagram and how Self Sabotage relates to the Subconscious Mind, Masculine & Feminine Polarity Principles, Divine Feminine Activation, Quantum Physics, Psychology, Neuroscience, Energetics, Spirituality.

I have a different approach when it comes to manifesting your desires. One that’s much more effective, more filled with grace and ease and one that you can use for the rest of your life.



Manifestation becomes an easy, effortless & natural process where your reality shifts according to your desires.

How the Programs Work



Access the course materials online at any time. Materials contain an exciting workbook, personality quizzes and recorded meditations.


Connect with the Community

No matter when you take the course, you can connect with others who have gone through it as well.


Live Coaching Sessions

Manifest Abundance also contains live coaching sessions where you can get personalized individual attention and guidance.