Life Coach

Life Coach

Are you in a transition, setback or unknowingly self-sabotaging the things you want most in life? It doesn’t have to be that way… I help you get clear, confident and courageous to reach your highest potential.


  • Stuck in a perfectionist mindset
  • Avoiding critical tasks
  • Do you feel lost, confused and overwhelmed about your next steps
  • Recovering from a transition or setback
  • Feeling utterly isolated
  • Letting your saboteur voices and “shoulds” control your world
  • Unclear and anxious about how to shift from the “OLD you” to become the “NEW you”
  • Making bad decisions in life
  • Burned-out and exhausted
  • Unclear how to change your circumstances

If any of this (or all of it) is true for you, I can help.

By learning how to let go of perfectionism, self-doubt, and fear, we can eliminate your limiting beliefs and destructive patterns that control you. Knowing your core values, you make informed choices and see opportunities that were previously hidden.

Coaching with me will give you the knowledge and tools to lead with confidence, rather than fear.

Even with the best of intentions, people fall into transitions… and that leads to overload, stress and anxiety. These situations become a playground for your most powerful saboteurs to show up.

Energy goes where attention flows.

Let’s get clear, get confident and get going towards achieving your ultimate goals. That’s where I come in. I help you define your ideal future and create a roadmap to get there. As an award-winning designer, art director, and business consultant, I have worked with hundreds of clients. Over the years, I observed the underlying need to pivot in times of transition or set-back.

You are not alone

My coaching provides you with a step-by-step process to change your life. Let’s take strategic action full of purpose to move you closer to your goals. For most people, the biggest regret is that they didn’t make a change soon enough. If you’re not ultra-clear about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, chances are you will remain stuck and unhappy.

When you set a vision for your life, your entire reality, including your relationships, love life, career, family,  and health changes.

I will guide you through the confusion and frustration that often interfere with reaching your goals. Private attention, guidance and accountability are the essential components of making change.

Together, we will get crystal clear on how to transform your life so you are aligned with your true self and highest potential.


Jade is warm, insightful and super easy-going. She took the time to meet me where I was and created a trustful connection rapidly. Through different Neuro-Linguistic techniques, Jade helped me understand what matters most for me which allowed me to approach my goal in a more informed way. At the end of our work together, I felt stronger in my choices, determine and free of the unnecessary weight I was carrying with me. Thank you Jade, I am grateful for this coaching.