About me
About Me

About me

As a Certified Life Coach, CPCC & Master Neurolinguistic Programming Specialist, MNLP, I help you stop the cycle of self-sabotaging patterns in your life to manifest what you want most!

Hi, I’m Jade.

I help empower you to silence your inner negative critics, use your intuition, love yourself and find lasting love.

I imagine when you’re in a relationship, you want to feel truly loved. You want to feel heard, and seen, and most of all, respected.

I spent close to twenty years in a relationship that left me lonely, frustrated, and more times than I can remember, quite miserable.

Had you known me during that time, you might have thought all was going great… I was married with two beautiful children, I ran an award-winning graphic design company, consulting with hundreds of clients along with Fortune 500 companies along with a professional portrait photography business. I was also a fine art oil painter with representation on the East and West coasts.

I consumed myself with work along with non-stop to-do lists. With all my success, I found myself working beyond overtime with my hands glued to my computer or isolated in my studio. I was doing what I thought I wanted to do, should do, and was expected of me. But… I was often miserable.

I was screaming on the inside while feeling stuck and uncertain of how to change it.

Why did I stay? Because I told myself it was what I should do, that it was best for the kids, that if I just tried harder, I could make it work.

There was an additional twist that changed everything.

The emotional stress and burnout turned physical. The hand and wrist pain that I’d been nursing for years, flared up to a point where I realized it wasn’t a flare-up anymore. It had become a rare form of neuropathy.

It had become a rare form of neuropathy caused by too much work and the intense stress I was under because of the constant struggle in my marriage.

The big aha for me was… I had sabotaged myself.

It started with one major mistake.

What was it? I ignored my intuition.

I ignored my gut instinct and all the (now obvious) signs that the person I chose to be my life partner was the wrong one.

And then I continued to sabotage my happiness by allowing my negative inner critic to convince me I should sacrifice my happiness and self-worth to stay in my marriage.

When I finally developed the courage and confidence to leave the marriage, things were not easy. There was no way I could avoid the toll it all took on my physical, mental and emotional health.

And if the events of divorce and relocating my home with two children, running multiple businesses as a newly single mom weren’t enough, my mother passing away. On top of that, I had the massive undertaking of transitioning out of my previous careers and pivoting into something new because of my nerve pain.

These setbacks had me digging deep to find the strength and resilience within myself to keep going.

In my journey to release the pain I’d accumulated over the past twenty years, I worked one-on-one with a Zen monk along with many coaches and healers.

I drew on my life-long study of all things related to human consciousness and personal development to embark on an intense journey. Along the way, I received a master’s certification in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and became certified as a Co-Active Coach, CPCC.

My influences include Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Thich Nhat Hahn, Michael Singer, and Marshal Rosenberg along with the study of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Non-Violent Communication, Attachment Theory, Breathwork, the hidden psychology of feminine and masculine dynamics, Shamanic Studies and the Law of Attraction Principles.

I’ll show you the same techniques that I used.

It’s a step-by-step process… A formula that integrates psychology, science and spiritual principles into a powerful framework to help you let go of what’s stopping you from finding love, and how to meet your ideal partner.

If you’re ready, I will walk hand-in-hand with you down the path of self-acceptance, self-love, and self-actualization—so you can be prepared to have the love you desire and deserve!

YES! I Am Ready For Lasting Love

My Manifesto

Along with wisdom, I bring playfulness, warmth, depth, and intuition to my coaching sessions. We can do deep and effective work while having fun at the same time.


  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach®, CPCC, Co-Active Training Institute, CTI
  • Board Certified Coach, International Coaches Federation, ICF
  • Certified Master Neurolinguistic Programming Practioner, MNLP, iNLP Center
  • Graduate Coursework, Counseling Psychology, JFK University

“Jade is a masterful coach! She deeply understands creative thinking and fosters a dynamic space for exploration. Most importantly, she is very intuitive and insightful. Our conversations are so helpful!”

—Rainy, San Rafael, California

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