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If you are recovering from a breakup, navigating a toxic relationship or struggling with dating & want to find your special person, I’m your coach.

Hi, I’m Jade. I help you in all areas of your love life through one-on-one phone or zoom sessions. I have a unique ability to deeply and quickly get to the root of your challenges, using both intuitive wisdom and practical tools. So that you can experience freedom from struggle, heal to let go of what’s no longer serving you and create the love life you desire and deserve!


Career and leadership Coach

In a toxic relationship? Let’s figure this out!

You deserve Love. Sometimes, we don’t even realize that we are in a toxic relationship. Maybe you’ve become so used to dealing with certain behaviors that you believe it’s normal, but you feeling worse and worse about yourself and there’s a little voice buried deep inside you that things aren’t right.

Together, we will work to figure out if it’s right for you to stay and work on your relationship or if it’s time to leave. There are many reasons people find themselves in toxic relationships. Not understand your self-worth or knowing how to put a name to the different types of negative patterns that keep coming up.

Self-sabotage is often part of why one stay’s in a challenging relationship. Sometimes, our powerful inner critics are very noisy and can keep us confused and unable to make the right decisions.

Through coaching, you begin to understand how to improve communication, navigate challenging relationships, and most important, step into your self-worth and heal blocks that are keeping you stuck in your love life.

Toxic Relationship Coach

In the thick of a breakup or Heartache? I’m so ready to heal!

If you have been in a toxic relationship, you may still be experiencing heartache, PTSD or feel haunted by how your ex treated you.

You may need some serious self-care, to lean into self-love after your last relationship & help you heal in a loving, conscious way.

Moving into the next phase of life with unresolved and painful emotions is like moving into a new house with all the clutter and garbage of the previous owner still there.

It’s pretty easy to remove physical clutter if you can easily see the mess. But how can you clear out all that, when you don’t even know the layers of how it has affected you, or where it’s hiding?

You’re probably going through some spiritual growing pains. I’m here to help!

You may be struggling to figure out how to be on your own, and figure out who you are and somehow embrace the whole self-love  (even if you’re not completely sure what exactly that means).

It’s time to give allow yourself to see this breakup as an avenue to shift into the person you’ve always wanted to be and when you are ready—in a thriving relationship.

Dating Coach

I’m SOOO ready to find my special person! I’m so frustrated with dating!

If you are tired of all the time it takes to swipe left and right, and all the messages required to make a connection? Maybe it’s time to try a different approach. Your love success does not depend on how many dating apps you are on, but how you approach finding your perfect match. Transform your dating burnout and experience the joy of dating again.

Dating the right way, is a skill. It starts with understanding red flags, green flags, and how to go about the process without getting so frustrated you stop trying at all.

“Jade was the rock that held me together during the MOST difficult time in my life. She helped instill confidence and control back into my life. I couldn’t be more grateful for her guidance and support.”

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“There is beauty and grace in Jade’s viewpoint that I have not experienced with other coaches. She is so wise and astute and her advice was spot on. Jade is really great at seeing the big picture and thinking outside the box. She helped me reframe my current challenges and gave alternative perspectives that were invaluable. I would very highly recommend Jade. She so deeply understood what I was experiencing along with parenting challenges and so much more! She’s AMAZING!”

Ketzia, Oregon

“Working with Jade was quite extraordinary. She expertly combines her skills of intuition and wisdom with a deep level of listening. In addition, we covered topics in my personal life… family, kids and the many types of twists and turns that arise in everyday life. Our sessions together felt so integrated.”

Katie, California

Working with Jade was both rewarding and inspiring. It led me to explore and dig into some patterns and blind spots that were holding me back in my relationships. Her though-provoking questions got me to face some of my limiting beliefs and take steps forward to live fully and see what’s possible for me when I embrace my vulnerability and own up to it.

Ruqaya, Dubai

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How To Stop Self Sabotage

Free Download How to Stop Self-Sabotage by Jade

I have created this guide to outline the core aspects of self-sabotage and how to stop those, often intense, negative voices of self-doubt, shame and low self-worth.

It includes some of the most common words that we can begin to notice that keep us stuck in negative patterns and on the path to living our lives from our authentic voice and achieving all the wonderful outcomes you desire.