Hi, I’m Jade. I’m a
Certified Life Coach and I’m here to help
you get unstuck in your
life, relationships and career.

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I help you make strategic & energetic shifts

Has your life become a battleground of stress, anxiety or pain, where you are self-doubting or overthinking everything and worried of making the wrong decisions? Negative thoughts can wreak havoc on all areas of life… love, finances, career, community, and health. When your mind is caught up in struggle, it becomes a playground for your most powerful inner critics to show up.

As a Certified Life Coach, CPP and Master Certified Neurolinguistic Programming Expert. I have a natural ability to uncover where you are blocked, get to the root of your challenges and make way for success for you to unapologetically create and live your best life. (even when you may have tried countless other the ways!).

Your future self is relying on you to take action…


Love & Relationship Coaching

I help you mindfully navigate your love life. Relationships can be complicated and difficult.  If you are healing from a breakup or heartache, struggling with dating, or are want to figure out how to improve communication and set healthy boundaries in your current relationship, I provide private attention, guidance and accountability!

  • Find your special person
  • Recover from heartbreak or a breakup
  • Recognize relationship and dating red flags.
  • Enhance your communication and boundaries

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Career Coaching

As a career coach, I help you gain confidence and clarity to make adjustments in your career and your professional life.

Understanding the lens that you see the world through, and what your needs are, is the first step towards creating or pivoting in your career. You may want a change but not be able to visualize it or have the confidence to go for it… Personal coaching is a great way to make positive change! Do you want…

  • More freedom
  • More money
  • Eliminate “Imposter Syndrome”
  • Increase your confidence
  • Manage your time better
  • Navigate challenging workplace dynamics
Career and leadership Coach

Mindset Coaching

Overcome overwhelm, overthinking, exhaustion, and self-doubt. My holistic approach starts with uncovering unhealthy beliefs, attitudes, and patterns and provides strategies for controlling stress, anxiety, and the formation of healthy habits related to all aspects of your life, such as gaining confidence, overcoming imposter syndrome, struggling with motivation, setting boundaries, and other issues that can lead to both mental and physical health issues.

My clients tell me that they are now feeling more in control. Their mood is improved. They feel vibrant. They are inspired, in charge, hopeful, and prepared to achieve progress.

  • Increase your confidence
  • Feel like you are enough
  • Let go of  people pleasing
  • Feel calm and at peace
  • Get motivated to reach your goals

Life Purpose & Manifestation Coaching

I am here to guide you on that journey towards the life you want to create. I have gave gathered the most effective techniques, both spiritual and traditional principles, to help you get to the clarity you seek.

Step out of the “go” mode, a process that comes from a space of the force through action rather than one that is rather than intuitive, allowing space for the “flow“ and receptive mode. And discover what your purpose and passion is.

If you are looking for that missing key that you haven’t found just yet…I can help guide you!  

I’m going to share with you everything I’ve learned from years of studying Neurolinguistic Programming, The Enneagram System, Myers–Briggs Type Indicator, Manifestation Psychology, Masculine & Feminine Polarity Principles, The Law of Attraction and Saboteur Assessments. Are you ready to make the changes you crave?

“Thanks to Jade, I was able to get through some big stopping points in my relationship and career. Double bonus. She is a great listener, and is gentle but straightforward, providing guidance and she helped me work through whatever issues came up” -Robin

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“There is beauty and grace in Jade’s viewpoint that I have not experienced with other coaches. She is so wise and astute and her advice was spot on. Jade is really great at seeing the big picture and thinking outside the box. She helped me reframe my current challenges and gave alternative perspectives that were invaluable. I would very highly recommend Jade. She so deeply understood what I was experiencing along with parenting challenges and so much more! She’s AMAZING!”

Ketzia, Oregon

“Working with Jade was quite extraordinary. She expertly combines her skills of intuition and wisdom with a deep level of listening. In addition, we covered topics in my personal life… family, kids and the many types of twists and turns that arise in everyday life. Our sessions together felt so integrated.”

Katie, California

Working with Jade was both rewarding and inspiring. It led me to explore and dig into some patterns and blind spots that were holding me back in my relationships. Her though-provoking questions got me to face some of my limiting beliefs and take steps forward to live fully and see what’s possible for me when I embrace my vulnerability and own up to it.

Ruqaya, Dubai

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